Activities at Blackhead Mountain


"Relax" is a word that not many people remember.

Here at Blackhead Mountain it's a good thing to do.  Relax!!!

Lose yourself for a little while and hear the sounds of nature.  A bird calling in the distance or the the wind wisking through the trees.

Here what may feel like a couple of minutes, turns into a couple of hours. So lose yourself here a Blackhead Mountain.  Get rid of your stress and "Relax".

Welcome to 2021 at Blackhead Mountain!

Your safety continues to be our #1 priority!

The golf course is open daily (weekends at 7am / weekdays at 8am)

Maassmann's Restaurant at Blackhead Mountain is open Friday/Saturday/Sunday 5:00 pm til 8:30 pm

For information or to book your 2021 event with us please call or email:

Let's have a great 2021!!