Not all of our 22 rooms are alike, but they all offer comfort for your relaxation. Our popular motel-style building features 6 rooms with 2 double beds each. An incredible view can be appreciated from each of those rooms. Our pool-side motel has 5 rooms with 1 queen-size bed each. There is also a rustic 5 unit motel referred to by many as 'the cabins'. 3 of thse rooms have 2 double beds and the other 2 have just 1 queen-size bed. Last, but certainly not least, is our 'House on the Hill'. This 2-story building has 2 sets of adjoining rooms downstairs, with 1 queen-size bed in each room. Upstairs are 2 mini-suites with 2 queen-size beds and a sitting area. Each suite opens to a deck where one can sit, relax and enjoy a phenomenal view of the golf course and the mountain range.

Thanks for a wonderful 2017 season! Our Hotel, Restaurant and Golf Course are now closed for the winter months.
See you in April!